May 27, 2013

Memories and magic tricks

I've been slacking, sorry about that. Truthfully, between job hunting, writing a novel and general heart-wrenchingness of life, I've been avoiding this blog. I still plan to write a review of a book in here, but today's post is not a review. It is a song I wrote sometime ago, along with a friend of mine- big shout out to Arjun Verman for composing the melody. 

I've embedded a Drop-box link in the title. This will let you download the song if you are so inclined, and I hope that you do, and that you enjoy it.

Memories- a song  (Click here to go to Dropbox link)

I met a guy once
just a normal person 
but he made me smile 
till I came, undone

I ran, then he ran
we ran helter-skelter.
Blaming one another, though none were any better.

I knew a guy once;
That what I say now.
Just a normal person.
Once, he made me smile
and we had a lot of fun

Memories are like magic tricks;
Love's a white lie, not some giant farce.
It was great when we kissed,
though hardly worth a broken heart.
Love's a white lie, not some giant farce.

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