April 15, 2011

Sorry affairs of our states (not) continued...

Just in case anyone else hasn't seen the newspaper today... A very good thing happened. This morning, the Supreme Court of India not only granted bail to Mr. Binayak Sen (details of his case have been discussed in the post Sorry affairs of our states) but also saw fit to drop the charges of sedition for which Mr. Sen received a life sentence. The newspapers have quoted the judges orders saying "evidence on record proves no sedition case against Sen. At the worst he could be termed active sympathizer of the Naxals"

Take a moment people, praise the lord because its rare when the democratic devices actually work the way they should. I extend my congratulations on a job well done to Mr. Sen's family, his friends, legal counsels, the SC judges who came through to make the correct decision, the EU officials who came to watch the proceedings and most of all, CONGRATULATIONS MR.SEN!!  =) 

I haven't read the actual text of the Supreme Court's order dismissing the sedition charges yet but the news coverage suggests that they have made some important remarks about the nature of evidence of sedition which will most likely consequence the outcome of Mr.Sen's trial in the Chattisgarh High Court as well. I will be expanding this post once I've read all the literature on the matter but that's later. Right this moment, I'm going to go have celebratory drinks as I'm guessing will Mr.Sen's wife, friends and legal team and as I think every Indian should probably do. It's a good day for the good guys ladies and gentlemen, cherish it!

Link to the Times of India article on this subject: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/SC-grants-bail-to-Binayak-Sen-drops-sedition-charges-against-him/articleshow/7987813.cms

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