December 18, 2010

Plain Janes

Most of you won't laugh out loud, so I probably shouldn't admit that I was trying to write a comic verse. Anyone read 'The art of seduction'? It's quite a depressing book, more so because it's indecently insightful.

In today's world,
where everyone's looking for a mate;
if you're an average, ordinary girl,
it's near impossible to get a date!

The saints are looking to save,
a sinner or two;
Whom they'll teach to behave
as according to the world view.

The rakes seek sirens
so that they may blindly worship.
Followers will flock to tyrants;
so if you're not an extreme, your love life may seem a tab glib.

The charismatics end up with the meek,
The child finds someone who cares,
Stars get whoever they seek,
and poor goldilocks is driven to shacking up with bears.

so what about plain you,
being, as ordinary as can be,
no one sees, because there's no credit due
for those who don't participate in the insanity

you may have heard me before, and I'll say it again
Serial killers find love easier than, your typical Plain Jane.

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